HealthCity: ”A clear and transparant pension, that is BeFrank”

Danielle Leclercq, Human Recources Manager at HealthCity: ‘’The aim of HealthCity is to move and inspire people to improve their quality of life through a healthy lifestyle. BeFrank also moves people when it comes to pensions. With a modern pension product and clear communication, BeFrank gives people a good understanding of pensions. Thanks to the online portals and the mobile app, our employees have real-time access to their pension plan investments and pension accrual.”

About HealthCity:

With over 260 sports centres in 7 European countries, HealthCity is one of the fastest-growing sports companies in the fitness industry. This success is achieved by working with a team that always looks ahead and is open to new ideas, new opportunities and new professionals. The HealthCity Clubs are totally committed to quality and service, and that is the key to Healthcity’s continuing success!

Danielle Leclercq is Human Resources Manager at HealthCity. Do you want to receive more information about HealthCity or hear what Danielle thinks of her pension at BeFrank? Then contact Danielle via

BeFrank works hard to make pensions simpler and more clear.

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