FocusCura: ”At long last, an innovative and clear pension”

Daan Dohmen, Director of FocusCura Zorginnovatie: “Our team’s pension is in good hands with BeFrank. It makes pensions truly understandable. At long last, a pension that meets all our needs. Our employees have online and real-time access to their own details and can make individual choices as to how their pension plan assets are invested. BeFrank communicates clearly, honestly, transparently.”

About FocusCura

The mission of FocusCura Zorginnovatie is to help elderly and chronically ill people remain at home for as long as possible. It develops innovative home care technology, including advanced medical alert systems, eHealth monitoring and remote video care. This makes the provision of care more efficient and enables elderly people to continue living safely and healthily in their own homes!

Daan Dohmen is founder of FocusCura Zorginnovatie and also entrepreneur of the year 2010. FocusCura is market leader in the Netherlands with thousands of connected customers and more than 80 employees.

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BeFrank works hard to make pensions simpler and more clear.

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