“BeFrank offers CSC an innovative pension”

Mark van Dijk, CEO of CSC Netherlands: “CSC knows the importance of modern technology and the opportunities it creates. BeFrank also dares to be innovative and offers innovative pensions. A powerful infrastructure is integral to this endeavour. This is reflected in BeFrank’s operational efficiency, its low costs and the online communication. As a result, our employees enjoy anytime, anywhere online access to their pension, both via online portals and with the ‘My Pension’ app of BeFrank. That’s how BeFrank is contributing to the pension awareness of our employees.”

About CSC

CSC is one of the world’s leading consultancy and IT organisations. CSC helps customers apply information technology in order to achieve the envisaged strategic, tactical and operational results. CSC employs about 100,000 people around the world. The CSC office in the Netherlands is based in Utrecht, with 750 employees who stand out for their professionalism, customer focus and innovativeness.

Mark van Dijk is CEO of CSC Netherlands. Do you want to receive more information about CSC or hear what Mark thinks of his pension at BeFrank? Then contact Mark via mdijk@csc.com.

BeFrank works hard to make pensions simpler and more clear.

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