Brunel and BeFrank: ”An excellent match”

Jan Arie van Barneveld, CFO at Brunel: “BeFrank offers an innovative and transparent product, optimal flexibility, the best deal for employees and low costs. So Brunel and BeFrank are basically built on the same foundations. Another consideration was that Brunel employees wanted more freedom of choice in their pension scheme. The up-to-date online information that BeFrank offers employees is an indispensable tool in this respect. This made BeFrank a logical choice for Brunel.”

About Brunel

Brunel is an international business service provider offering customers worldwide solutions for all their knowledge and staffing needs. Set up in 1975, Brunel specialises in project management, secondment and consultancy. Brunel is active within the oil and gas industry, specialising in Engineering, IT, Finance and Legal.

Jan Arie van Barneveld is CFO at Brunel. Do you want to receive more information about Brunel or hear what Jan Arie thinks of his pension at BeFrank? Then contact Jan Arie via

BeFrank works hard to make pensions simpler and more clear.

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