Ten years clear, easy and online

Clear, easy and online. These values have stood firm for ten years. At BeFrank, we offer innovative tools so that you, as a participant, can make your own choices about your future income. We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you.

Online insight
Insight into your pension was not at all a given in those days. We believed that should change. We developed an online environment with real-time insight into your pension. 24/7. And with a pension planner where you were in control. After all, it is your future income. The time of taking a back seat as a participant was also over. We encouraged people not only to look at their pension situation, but also to make choices that were right for them. For example, with regard to how they invest.

Pension app and English
We not only offer this insight on desktop. We were also the first pension administrator with a pension app. And because the Netherlands has many expats and BeFrank does everything possible to make retirement easy, we were also the first administrator to offer services in English.

Real-time returns
We also introduced real-time returns charts on the pension page. This allows participants to clearly see how their returns progress. For example, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, they saw a considerable dip in returns. That was a bit of a scare. But if you now look at the past one-year period, the chart shows that returns are doing very well again.

Personalised welcome video
We have learned a lot over the years. Quite frankly, our first welcome messages were quite long. We have continued to improve this. And now new participants receive a personal welcome video. We still get great responses to it. And, more importantly, we see that it works.

The BeFrank activation method
At BeFrank, we do everything possible to activate participants. We don’t do this alone – we need help from employers. We achieve login rates of over 70%. In 2019, we even won the Pensioenwegwijzer award with our activation method.

We share everything fairly
We also considered what should happen to the pension capital if a participant were to unexpectantly pass away before their retirement date. This capital remains the participant’s and therefore goes to the surviving dependants. And if there are no surviving dependants, we divide it among all active participants. Fair enough.

We keep on developing
We are always working on improving our services, so that we are always clear and able to explain things simply. For example, our colleague Laurenzo explains pension topics on our social media channels. We send employers annual overviews with interesting figures from their scheme. And we launched new video tutorials this year. As you can see, we never sit still at BeFrank!