Passing away

In all our plans, we offer a risk-based survivor’s pension based on final pay. Furthermore, BeFrank always includes a restitution clause. This means that if an employee dies before retirement age, 100% of the invested capital will be released to purchase an additional partner’s pension, orphan’s pension and/or survivor’s pension. This survivor’s pension is therefore supplementary to the insurance-based survivor’s pensions. The beneficiaries are the partner and any children up to the age of 30 years.

‘Break’ in the calculation of the survivor’s pension

The change in the non-pensionable margin from 1 January 2015 has a negative impact on the calculation of the survivor’s pension. Because of this, we offer the option to split calculation into two: the period before and the period after 1 January 2015. We base the past period in service on the rules prior to 1 January 2015. We offer you this as a standard option because it works out better for the employee. We refer to this split as ‘the break’.

Survivor’s pension for salary in excess of €100,000

A partner’s pension and orphan’s pension can be taken out on an insurance basis in respect of the pensionable salary in excess of €100,000; this takes the form of a lifelong guaranteed sum.