Frequently asked questions

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When do you send the Uniform Pension Overviews (UPOs) to members?

Members in active employment receive a UPO each year. We will send the overview by 1 October of the following year at the latest. However, we would like to share this information with your members before that time. Therefore we would like to ask you to inform us when you or your client have provided us with a notification of all changes for the preceding year. Following your approval, we will prepare the UPOs. We will place the UPOs on the employees’ portals. They will be informed of this by e-mail.

How does BeFrank work with advisors?

Right from the start of BeFrank we set great store by a good working relationship with you as an adviser. That applies to large actuarial firms certified under the Financial Supervision Act (FSA) but equally to smaller FSA-certified advisory firms. Together with you and our people, we look at what is best for the customer. We will therefore always consult on who will serve the customer and where you can demonstrate your value as an adviser. And we also act jointly in terms of presentation to members. During the term of a pension scheme, we will ensure you are always closely involved and will consult you on changes that are likely to require advisory expertise. So you can do what you do best, and so can we.

Does BeFrank also offer net pension schemes?

Yes, at BeFrank your customers can conclude a net pension scheme at BeFrank for their employees who earn in excess of € 110,111 per year (2020). They can pay additional pension contributions from their net salary or take out supplementary insurance against the risk of death and occupational disability. We offer various possibilities for this. Please contact us for more information.