The convenience of a modern pension

Choosing a pension and a pension administrator is difficult enough as it is. Fortunately, processes do not have to be. At BeFrank, we prefer to make practical matters as simple as possible. For you, your client and its employees.

  • We are able to link the largest payroll systems directly with the pension system of BeFrank. This means that any changes and tax reports are processed automatically.
  • Employers have immediate access to an online portal which conveniently keeps all information in one place. We can also deliver the portal in the client’s own house style.
  • The personal point of contact for you, your client and its employees will be an account manager at BeFrank.BeFrank is built on a modern infrastructure. Both the investment system and the pension administration system have more than proved themselves in practical application. The investment platform has been voted best investment platform in the Netherlands for five years in a row.

Personal point of contact

You have a single point of contact at BeFrank. Not just in the advisory process for new pension schemes, but also for schemes that are already administrated by BeFrank.

Service and support

We do our best to show all information as clearly as possible. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by phone or by email. We are happy to hear your questions, comments, tips and suggestions, as they help us to continually improve the quality of our service.