A pension that is ready for the future

Why you recommend BeFrank

Sound advice on a pension scheme is a time-consuming business. At BeFrank, we don’t like red tape. So we will make the practical matters that need to be taken care of as easy as possible for you as an advisor and for your customers.

  • Transparent costs

    We aim to maximise quality and minimise costs. We are open and transparent about this. So your customers always know what to expect.

  • Submitting changes is easy

    By linking our pension administration system with your customer’s payroll system, changes and returns are processed automatically.

  • Investments

    With us, members can decide themselves whether they want to invest in lifecycles or whether they want to invest their pension contribution themselves.

  • Online convenience

    With their own dedicated portal, members have easy access to all information and with the ‘My Pension’ app, they have access to their information whenever and wherever they wish.

  • Services in English

    We also speak English. Convenient and easy for your English-speaking customers.

A pension scheme at BeFrank

With a pension scheme at BeFrank, you will offer your customers the possibility to accrue their pension in a transparent manner. Besides a normal pension scheme they can also (if applicable) opt for a net pension scheme. Of course, choosing both is possible as well. And with suitable insurance, they will also cover the principal risks.

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Practical information for you as advisor

Below, we will tell you how we invest for pension accrual and how we deal with costs.

Working with you as advisor

We set great store by a good working relationship with you as an advisor, as well as with your customers. Together, we optimise our services for the customer with the goal of high customer satisfaction.

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Investing for pension accrual

We invest all pension contributions that we receive. So how does that work? Which types of investment do we offer? What are the returns?

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Honest about costs

We aim to maximise quality and minimise costs. We are open and transparent about this. We always keep the costs of pension contributions separate. So your customers know exactly how much contribution is invested. And the costs they are paying for this.

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Submitting changes is easy

Notifying us of changes is something that needs to be quick and easy. Besides using our updated Transaction Service, your customers can also notify us of changes automatically by linking with our pension administration system.

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Our customers and advisors are our key for success

We are proud to be able to administer pension schemes for over 900 valued customers. Also thanks to you as an advisor!

More about BeFrank

With enormous drive, a wealth of experience and a deeply felt passion for pensions, our employees work every day to increase awareness of pensions.

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How can we help you?

You may have a number of questions. For your convenience, we have collected the most important questions and answers to them.

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We are eager to help you with a proposal!

Naturally, we are pleased to tell you more about who we are and what we do. Contact us today so that we can help you with a proposal. You can do so easily via telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp. This is possible from 25 employees!