Login help

For employees:
Help with logging in to your personal pension page
You log in to your pension page with DigiD or with a European login tool. Do you live in the European Union and do you not have a DigiD? Then you may be able to log in with an European login (via eIDAS).
> Help with logging in with DigiD (website DigiD in English)
> More information about European login (website Rijksoverheid in English)
Log in without DigiD or a European login (only if you can’t request a digital identity)

For employers:
Help with logging in to the employer portal
From 14 September 2020 you will log in with eHerkenning. This also applies to advisers or intermediaries with chain authorization.
> Read more about logging in with eHerkenning
> Find answers on Frequently asked questions
> Feel free to contact us if you have any problems logging in now