Great results from the youth activation campaign

At BeFrank, we set the bar high when it comes to activation. 80% of our participants log in to their personal pension page. But we think it’s even more important for participants to choose an investment risk that suits them. By completing our Profile Selector, they can easily see what investment risk that is. Seeing that young people were less likely to do this, we launched a campaign in the summer. In it, we urged precisely this young target group to choose their investment risk.

Self-persuasion and fear of missing out
Young people know that they can make their own choices at BeFrank. But they don’t take the time to actually do so. However, when it comes to finances, young people are certainly not indifferent. 70% of investors are under 35 years old. These two insights led to an activation campaign based on the power of self-persuasion and the fear of missing out. And it worked!

A campaign to make you happy
The aim was to encourage participants up to 35 years old to complete the Profile Selector and make a considered choice when it comes to investment risk. The campaign consisted of a campaign on LinkedIn, an email campaign and a dedicated campaign page. We made particular use of videos to better connect with the target audience. In four weeks’ time:

  • A reach of 24,514 young people on LinkedIn
  • 184,663 impressions on LinkedIn
  • 39,182 opened e-mails
  • 6,240 personal pension pages viewed
  • and 2,425 young people completed the Profile Selector, making a deliberate choice as to their own investment risk!

Wow! What great results. We’d like more of the same in the future, please.

Getting participants to make deliberate choices
Not only did we activate many young people with this campaign, we also gained great insights. We will use these insights in our further activation strategy. Of course, we will keep you posted on how we will do this.