From start-up to grown-up

There they were, a handful of BeFrankers. Ready to conquer the pension market. With a clear mission to bring pensions closer to people again. Clear, simple and online. That was how they were going to do it. And that is how we still do it.

The first PPI in the Netherlands
BeFrank has set the tone as the first PPI in the Netherlands. We have been offering a defined contribution scheme for ten years and are therefore perfectly prepared for the Pension Agreement. We started serving the first companies in 2011. Meanwhile, the counter stands at more than 1,000 affiliated employers and over 270,000 participants.

What was normal for us was quite ground-breaking in 2011. We were not only the first PPI in the Netherlands, but also the first online pension administrator. Our goal was to make pensions understandable, simple and transparent again. With innovative tools, so that you as a participant can make your own choices about your future income. Clear, easy and online.

Ten years later: Have we delivered?
What started with a handful of BeFrankers has grown into a mature company ten years later: part of NN Group and an established name in the pension market. About one hundred enthusiastic BeFrankers work hard every day to deliver the best product, with the best possible service. Not only do we have a passion for pensions, we also understand how to help customers get ahead. How to exceed expectations by doing just that little bit more than they are used to. Making customers happy is what drives us.

You don’t become the largest PPI in the Netherlands just like that. You need confidence from the market: from advisors and employers, but also from participants. That’s why we are very proud that time and again surveys show that we are the best-rated PPI among advisors. And we are even more proud of the fact that our customers rate us with a 7.9 score, and participants with a 7.3. Great results that we work hard for every day. Of course, sometimes things go wrong. With us as well. We are honest about that and do everything we can to solve issues quickly. So, have we delivered on our promise? We think so. But, of course, it’s up to you to decide. 😊