What will happen to my pension in the event of a divorce?

13 Sep 2017

If you end your relationship with your partner, this can have unintended consequences for your pension and the pension of your former partner. It is therefore advisable to formulate clear agreements on the division of your pension, even if you only cohabited with your former partner.
If you fail to formulate agreements, your pension will be divided in accordance with the statutory rules. This means that your former partner is entitled to the value of the partner’s pension that commences if you die. Conversely, you are entitled to your former partner’s pension.

In the event of a divorce, your partner can also claim a portion of your retirement pension and vice versa. Usually, this is half of that pension, but this depends on the length of the period during which you were married or had a registered partnership. You can of course also agree a different division for both of your pensions, or agree not to divide the pension. The rules for pensions and the consequences of certain choices when you separate can be highly complex. It is therefore important to obtain advice from a (divorce) lawyer in this connection. That will help to prevent any subsequent misunderstandings.

Please note: the costs for dividing the pension capital amounts to €150,- for both you and your ex-partner.