Where can I find my CSN (BSN) number?

8 Jun 2018

In the activation procedure of the new pension portal, we ask you for the last 4 digits of your CSN (BSN) number. You can find your CSN (BSN) number in the following documents, for example:
– your Dutch passport
– your Dutch driver’s license
– your Dutch identity card
– in letters the Dutch tax authorities send you
– it can also often be found on the salary slip

Can’t find it? Ask your HR employee at your (former) employer.

CSN stands for Citizen Service Number. In Dutch it’s called a “burgerservicenummer”, or BSN. The CSN consists of the same 9 digits as the tax and social security number. Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands, or has done so in the past, has a CSN (BSN) number. You can find more information about the CSN (BSN) number the site of the dutch tax authorities.

Have you not yet succeeded in finding your CSN? Please contact us.