What can I do if I’ve made a mistake in entering a change?

24 Apr 2018

Most changes can be corrected as soon as you see that they have been processed. They can then be corrected after just a few minutes. You can correct the following changes on the portal:

  • Date the member joined and left the company
  • Moving the member to the right scheme
  • Putting the member under the right entity

If you need to correct a date of birth, sex or Citizen Service Number, please e-mail us.

Please send the following information about the employee to relatiebeheer@befrank.nl:

  • Name of employee
  • Citizen Service Number
  • Change you would like to make

Please note:
If a mistake is made with the date the employee joined the company, we will need to remove the employee from the pension scheme. A charge of €100 applies to correct this change.