Employers and employees are still satisfied with BeFrank

Earlier this year, we asked employers and employees about their satisfaction with our services. We are proud to say that both employers and employees are still very satisfied! Employers rated our services with a score of 7.9, the same as in the previous year. Among employees, we saw an increase from 6.9 to 7.3!

Simplicity makes pensions approachable
Employees appreciate the clarity and accessibility of our information. Employees see BeFrank as customer-friendly, modern and transparent.

Majority have sufficient to good insight into their pensions
Employees are particularly enthusiastic about the personal pension page and the app, which is considered to be clear and intuitive. The possibility of making additional contributions oneself gives employees a feeling of control and confidence.

More personal relevance
One point for attention is to make the information more personal and relevant. We have already taken the first steps towards this with the additional contributions pilot project, for example. And we will be testing more with segmented information.

Employers very positive about BeFrank
Among employers, we see above all that we are on the right track with our current services. They find our services convenient and are very satisfied with the contact with our account managers. Employers find BeFrank professional, well organised and clear in its communication. It does us good to see that our customers feel appreciated. We work hard for this every day!

More depth
Employers appreciate the simplicity and transparency offered by BeFrank, but sometimes they also feel the need for more in-depth information and more explanation. Do you also encounter this sometimes? If so, please let us know! We are continuously improving our services. The insights from this survey, as well as interim feedback, help us to continuously improve our services!