Our investment offering has been improved

BeFrank uses lifecycles to effectively invest the pension contributions of your employees. Our offering has been substantially improved in many respects at the start of 2019. All our lifecycles have been renewed and made more sustainable. The number of lifecycles has been increased. Our investment fees have also been reduced. The new investment offering applies with immediate effect for new customers and customers renewing their contracts.

More choice for you and your employees
The lifecycles have been changed in a number of important respects:

  • Investment risk and style
    When deciding on your standard lifecycle, you can now choose from 3 risk profiles and 3 investment styles. Your employees can always deviate from this, and can choose from 5 risk profiles and 3 investment styles.
  • From 3 to 5 risk profiles
    Members can now also choose the profiles Very Defensive and Very Offensive. This means the investment profile will more closely match the member’s individual situation and age.

Investing after retirement date
Your employees can now also choose the Very Offensive profile for investing their pension capital.


Risk profile and investment funds

  • More offensive risk profiles
    The lifecycles have been given a slightly more offensive investment mix. This is due to optimisation that provides for a better risk-return ratio.
  • Investment funds more sustainable and better value
    Various changes have been made to the investment funds used. The aim: achieving further improvement in quality, realising better results on sustainability and securing cost benefits for your employees.

Passive lifecycle to mix fund
The passive lifecycle no longer consists of direct investments, all the investments have been transferred to a mix fund and a matching (or stabilisation) fund.

Compare our old and new lifecycles

Lower investment fees
The investment fees have been reduced:

  • the fees for the passive lifecycle are reduced to 0.15%
  • the fees for the active lifecycle are reduced to 0.20% – 0.16% (depending on age)
  • the fees for the sustainable lifecycle are reduced to 0.59% – 0.29% (depending on age)
  • the spreads (the transaction costs in the funds to protect existing investors) are reduced to 0.12% for purchases, 0.08%/0.09% for sales in return funds, and 0.01%/0.02% for matching funds

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can always contact us by e-mail at relatiebeheer@befrank.nl or by telephone on 020 562 1100.