Investment choices

BeFrank’s product is simple and offers the choice to adjust the plan to your preferences and the wishes of your employees.  You indicate in broad terms the shape of the pension plan for your employees. After that, your employees can make changes to suit their personal circumstances.

Investment risk
Together with your adviser, you determine the investment style and the standard investment risk of your scheme. You may choose the neutral lifecycle. Or for a higher risk (offensive), or instead a lower risk (defensive).

Higher or lower investment risk
Your employees can always choose to deviate from the standard lifecycle that you have chosen. They can do this by answering a number of questions on their personal pension page. The responses result in a risk profile. We recommend they choose a lifecycle that matches their risk profile.

Do It Yourself Investment
You can also offer your employees the option of managing their own pension capital.


Actively or passively managed funds

You also decide the standard investment style of the lifecycle. Your employees can always change this later.

·         Active Lifecycle: a fund manager takes advantage of market developments through active management and strives to achieve a higher return.

·         Passive Lifecycle: we invest through funds of various fund houses that track the value development of a market.

·         Sustainable Lifecycle: invests in funds of Triodos with a particular focus on sustainability, and combine good financial results with a positive effect on the environment and society.

It may be that you still have a pension scheme that offers fewer options to your employees. All options will be made available to all our members during the course of 2019. Do It Yourself Investment is the only option that will continue to be your decision.