Logging in with eHerkenning delayed

Update: 24 Juni 2020
On this website we announced earlier that we are moving to logging in with eHerkenning (EH). We wanted to make the switch in July 2020, but we are now delaying this. You can find out why here.

Why is logging in with EH being delayed?
Enquiries at a number of our clients have shown that not all clients are ready for the switch to EH yet. We think it is important that everyone is ready when we make the switch. After the switch it will no longer be possible to log in to the employer’s portal in the current way using a username and password. We are currently investigating how we can arrange the introduction of eHerkenning for you in the simplest possible way. We are therefore postponing the switch at this time.

Why will you be logging in with EH in due course?
It is important that only the right people can access your data. EH ensures this. BeFrank is also a pension administrator as defined by the Pensioenwet (Pensions Act). That makes us a ‘designated organisation’ under the Wet Digitale Overheid (Digital Government Act/WDO). The WDO will soon require us to use EH for our electronic services. In due course you will only be able to log in at many bodies such as UWV and the Tax and Customs Administration with EH.

When will you be logging in with EH?
We do not know exactly when we will switch to logging in with EH. If you are on our mailinglist, we will notify you of the next steps at least 1 month in advance (no later than August) so that you can take the required action in time.

If you are already ready to log in with EH, that’s great! It has not been a wasted effort, since ultimately you will have to log in with EH in one form or another. Please contact us if you have any questions about eHerkenning or check out the information below.

We will keep you informed of developments by e-mail and through our website.

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You can log in with your username and password until that time
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