Logging in with eHerkenning

At BeFrank you have been logging in with eHerkenning (EH) on the employer portal since September 2020. On this page you can read why we switched to logging in with eHerkenning and what this means for you.

Why eHerkenning?
More certainty about your online identity, that’s why we use eHerkenning. With eHerkenning you identify yourself safely and easily online. The great convenience is that you can log in to multiple organizations with eHerkenning. So you need to remember fewer passwords. Safe, easy and reliable. For more information, go to eherkenning.nl.

To log in to the BeFrank employer portal, you need a level 3 eHerkenning tool (EH3). You can recognize this by the following logo:

Step-by-step plan to log in with EH
To make the transition as smooth as possible, we have created a clear step-by-step plan for you. This specifies exactly which steps you must take so that you and any other employees can log in with EH.

Do you outsource the work to an pension adviser?
The step-by-step plan also explains how you can grant access to your pension adviser. Your advisor cannot log in without your permission. The advisor also needs EH to log in. Advisors receive their own step-by-step plan for this.

> Check out the step-by-step plan eHerkenning for employers (PDF)

More information and applying for eHerkenning
> Read more about eHerkenning and applying here
> Find answers on Frequently asked questions

Do you outsource work to advisors or external parties?
> Read here how you can authorise advisors using a chain authorisation

> Log in to the employer’s portal