Current status of progress of the new Pensions Act

Last updated: 16 November 2022
In recent weeks, the Future Pensions Act (Wtp) has been further discussed in the House of Representatives. The most important decision that has been made in October is that the date of entry into force of the law has been shifted from 1 January 2023 to 1 July 2023. From then on, pension schemes may be adjusted. All pension schemes in the Netherlands must comply with the Wtp by 1 January 2027 at the latest. The new pensions system is intended to provide future-proof pensions that are better suited to the times we live in. On this page you can read about the current status of the deliberations regarding the Wtp. We update this page regularly.

Treatment of Wtp in the House of Representatives
In September and October, the Wtp was discussed a number of times in the House of Representatives. That took more time than expected. During these meetings, there was still hope that the Wtp could be voted on before the autumn recess in the House of Representatives. But during the meeting on 15 November it was decided that the bill would be discussed article by article. This means that there will be no vote on the bill in the coming weeks.

Discussion on elaboration
A number of parties in the House of Representatives felt that the Wtp cannot yet be discussed because not enough details have yet been worked out sufficiently. The biggest concern is how the total pension assets will be divided over the ‘individual pots’. That is why it was already decided in October to postpone the date of entry into force of the law to 1 July 2023. Minister Schouten thinks it is important that this effective date must be met.

BeFrank will of course continue with the preparations so that we are ready before the Wtp comes into effect.