The convenience of a modern pension

Choosing a pension and a pension administrator is difficult enough as it is. Fortunately, processes do not have to be. At BeFrank, we prefer to make practical matters as simple as possible. For you and your employees.

We believe that pensions are there for people. And for this reason, we want to make pensions simple. We provide information and control to everyone who saves towards their pension with BeFrank. Personal contact, convenience, and efficiency: for us, this is what it is about in the partnership between the employer, adviser and BeFrank. Because BeFrank is more than just the convenience of a modern pension.

  • You can link your payroll system to our pension system. Any changes will then be processed automatically.
  • We set up an online employer’s portal which conveniently keeps all information about your organisation in one place. If you wish, we can build the portal in your own house style.
  • All information and tools are available online so that your employees can access them anywhere, any time.
  • BeFrank is built on a modern infrastructure. Both the investment system and the pension administration system have more than proved themselves in practical application. The investment platform has been voted best investment platform in the Netherlands for five years in a row.

Personal point of contact

BeFrank is the point of contact for you and your employees. We take care of all aspects of pension administration and implementation: from invoicing to communication on pensions and insurance. You have only one contract and only one party that you pay contributions and premiums to.

Service and support

We do our best to show all information as clearly as possible. When there are questions or queries, you and your employees can always contact us by phone or by email. We are happy to hear your questions, comments, tips and suggestions, as they help us to continually improve the quality of our service.

Also available in English

Depending on your preference, our service is available in Dutch or in English.