Investing for your pension

At BeFrank, we invest your pension capital. Because, in the long run, returns on investments are nearly always higher than for savings. However, investing always corresponds to a certain degree of risk. We realise that some people would rather not take that risk with their pension. That’s why, at BeFrank, you decide how much risk you are willing to take and how we will invest your pension capital.

We limit the risk for your pension capital by using a broad spread of investments
We invest pension capital throughout the world in numerous companies, sectors and investment categories such as equities and bonds. This diversification limits your risk.

We lower your risks as you get older
In order to realise the best possible returns and simultaneously limit risk, your pension capital investments go through a life-cycle. This means that we focus on generating returns when you are young but move towards greater certainty as you approach your pension age.

The choice is yours
In the first instance, we invest your pension capital according to the investment instrument and the risk profile that your employer has chosen as standard for you and your colleagues. You then decide whether you want this standard to be applied to your pension investment or would prefer to adapt it to your own requirements. You have four choices:

1. How would you like to invest your pension capital?

2. Which risks would you like to take?

3. How much risk would you like to take as you get older?

4. At what age do you hope to retire?

Nothing is set in stone
whichever choice you make. It’s good to know that nothing is set in stone. You can change your mind as often as you like.

Has something changed in relation to your finances or your personal situation?
Then you may want to revisit your investment choices. Do they still suit your situation? Or would you prefer to take a little more or less risk? Complete your profile selector again and see which risk profile suits you best. You can easily ask us to make changes.

In this video we explain in less than two minutes how investing for your pension at BeFrank works. Do you want more information? Then read our brochure Investing for your pension.