Frequently asked questions

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I see a notification that the combination e-mail address / password is incorrect. What should I do?

Please make sure you entered the correct details. A typing error can be made quickly.If this doesn't work, please request a temporary password and try logging in with the temporary password. For help with your request, look here.Still didn't manage to login? Please contact our customer service.

I want to change the e-mail address (my username) I have signed up with, how do I do that?

At this moment you can not do this yourself. We are working hard to make this available in the short-term. Changing your e-mail address can be arranged on your pension page. Please note: this does not change the e-mail address you are currently logging in with at this time.If you want to change your login name now, please contact our customer service. They can help you.

I don’t have a mobile number, how can I activate my personal page?

We request the telephone number by default in case you ever forget your password in the future. Maybe it's possible for you to fill in your home telephone number. This is also allowed in the activation procedure. You should be able to activate your account then.Note: if you have forgotten your password in the future, you will not receive an SMS with your temporary password if you provide a fixed number. So keep your password safe!

Activating my page does not work. What should I do?

This can have several causes:
  1. Are you using an outdated device to log in? Or an older internet browser? For safety reasons we often do not support them. Try logging in with another device or browser.
  2. Does your password meet the requirements? These are the requirements: 10 characters of which at least: 2 digits, 2 lowercase letters and 1 capital letter.
  3. Have you entered the same password twice? A typing error can be made quickly.
  4. Are you receiving the message that your e-mail address is already in use? An e-mail address may only be used by 1 person for security reasons.
Still experiencing problems? Please contact our customer service.

I can’t log in with my 8-digit account number. How is that possible?

On 23 May 2018 we switched to a completely renewed pension page. The old login method with the 8-digit account number has been changed. You have received an activation email from BeFrank (from Click on the personal link in that email to activate your new pension page. Can't you find the activation mail? Then look at the answer to this question.

What are investment fees?

If you opt for self-investment you will have to pay, as in the case of lifecycle investments, management fees to BeFrank and investment fees to the fund provider. You will pay management fees on the entire balance in your investment account. In addition, you must pay € 3 for each fund transaction for purchasing investments. We will charge these fees for handling your order on the stock exchange.

What are the fees payable for investments?

At BeFrank, you pay for three components in connection with investments. 1. Monthly management fees 2. Investment fees 3. Fees for self-investment

What is lifecycle investment?

With lifecycle investments, we take account of your age by prioritising returns when you are young and certainty as you approach your retirement age. As the retirement age approaches, we change the investment mix in order to control investment and interest rate risks.

Can I discontinue my net pension?

You can discontinue your participation in a voluntary net pension scheme at any time. If your employer has opted for a net pension with compulsory participation, you are not free to decide yourself whether or not to participate. It may be the case that your employer has compulsory insurance for the partner’s and orphan’s pension. In that case, this will always continue to be insured. You can always discontinue the voluntary payment of the pension contribution. Notify your employer of this in connection with the withholding from your net salary. Information on the nature of your scheme is available under ‘My pension details’ and ‘How is my pension arranged’. That is also where you will find all other choices available to you within your net pension scheme.

I want to submit my tax return, when will I receive my UPO?

We provide a Uniform Pension Overview for active members of the pension scheme at BeFrank once a year. This is always done by 1 October of the following year at the latest.You may need your Factor A for your tax return. Factor A reflects your pension accrual over the year. This enables you to see exactly what you have accrued in the past year. You always need the Factor A of the preceding year for your income tax return. You can find your Factor A on your personal pension page, under ‘Pension details’ – ‘My pension accrual (factor A)’.

When will my pension be added to

We forward the new details to once every quarter.

Can I also transfer my value from BeFrank to my new administrator?

If you no longer have an active scheme at BeFrank, you can request a value transfer from your new pension administrator. The policy number that you will need to state in this connection is your personal account number at BeFrank.

How long will the procedure for a value transfer take?

Unfortunately, a value transfer cannot be arranged from one day to another. It will take from a few months to a year until a value transfer has been completed. That is because your new pension administrator depends on information that is required to be provided by the previous pension administrator(s).

Can I transfer the pension of my previous employer to BeFrank?

Yes, that is possible. We call this a value transfer. Under ‘Notification of changes’ on your personal pension page you will find ‘Transferring my pension accrued elsewhere’. You can request your value transfer here.

I will be moving, how can I inform you of my new address?

You can do this very easily via your personal pension page. On the home page, you will find a heading ‘Notification of changes’ – ‘Personal details’. You can enter your new address here. If there are details that you cannot change yourself, please contact your employer. Your employer can notify us of any changes via the changes system.

I want to accrue additional pension. Is that possible?

This depends on the scope within your pension scheme. On the home page of your personal pension page, you can see whether you can invest an extra amount every month under ‘Planner and extra pension’. You can state here how much additional pension contribution you want to pay in each month. Your employer will then withhold the additional pension contribution from your salary and pay this contribution to BeFrank. You can use the ‘Pension planner’ to perform a calculation to see what it means for your pension if you pay in additional pension.

Can I commute my pension investments?

The level of the amount at which you can commute them changes every year. If you are eligible, you will receive a proposal from us 2 years after the end of your employment. It is important in this connection that we have your correct e-mail address. You can check and if necessary change this on your personal pension page.

Am I entitled to an insured ‘ANW’ survivor benefit shortfall pension after termination of my employment?

No. The 'ANW' survivor benefit shortfall pension is insured until the employee’s employment ceases (risk basis) and lapses upon dismissal.

Will I lose my pension if I resign?

No, the pension capital that has been accrued will continue to be yours. We will invest this capital until you retire. If you have a new job, you can also transfer the value of your pension to your new employer. If you leave your present employment, you will receive a letter from us in which all your options are clearly described.

What can I expect as my retirement date approaches?

You will receive a letter from us six months before you retire, in which we describe the various options concerning payment of your accrued pension capital at BeFrank. When you retire, we will sell your investments, after which you will purchase pension benefits from a Dutch insurer. You can easily request various proposals for this via your personal pension page via ‘My pension details’ – ‘What will happen upon…’ – ‘Retirement’.

How can I register my partner and children for my pension scheme?

That is not necessary. Our pension scheme applies the “onbepaald partner” (unknown partner) system. This means that partner’s and orphan’s pensions are insured, regardless of whether or not there is/are a partner and/or child(ren). At the time of death, we will request the details of any surviving dependents via the Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen – BRP). The partner’s and/or orphan’s pension will be paid on the basis of those details.

What will happen if I die before the retirement date?

If you die, that will have a major impact on your surviving dependents, not just at the personal level but possibly financially as well. With the scheme at BeFrank, you can protect your surviving dependents against these financial problems. If you die during your current employment before you retire, your surviving dependents will receive benefits. You do not have to register your partner and/or children with BeFrank. That is because BeFrank will only check whether there are any surviving dependents in the event of death. Log in to your personal pension page to see what is co-insured for you under the scheme.

How can I register my partner and/or child(ren) for my pension scheme?

That is not necessary. Our pension scheme applies the “onbepaald partner” (unknown partner) system. This means that partner’s and orphan’s pensions are insured, regardless of whether or not there is/are a partner and/or children. At the time of death, we will request the details of any surviving dependents via the Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen – BRP). The partner’s and/or orphan’s pension will be paid on the basis of those details.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have lost your password, please contact our Customer Service.

What will happen to my pension in the event of a divorce?

If you end your relationship with your partner, this can have unintended consequences for your pension and the pension of your former partner. It is therefore advisable to formulate clear agreements on the division of your pension, even if you only cohabited with your former partner. If you fail to formulate agreements, your pension will be divided in accordance with the statutory rules. This means that your former partner is entitled to the value of the partner’s pension that commences if you die. Conversely, you are entitled to your former partner’s pension.In the event of a divorce, your partner can also claim a portion of your retirement pension and vice versa. Usually, this is half of that pension, but this depends on the length of the period during which you were married or had a registered partnership. You can of course also agree a different division for both of your pensions, or agree not to divide the pension. The rules for pensions and the consequences of certain choices when you separate can be highly complex. It is therefore important to obtain advice from a (divorce) lawyer in this connection. That will help to prevent any subsequent misunderstandings.Please note: the costs for dividing the pension capital amounts to €150,- for both you and your ex-partner.

My account is temporarily blocked. How can I activate it again?

Contact our customer service and ask for an account reset. Please pass on your 8-digit account number and your e-mail address.

I don’t remember my password anymore. How can I request a new one?

We can send u a temporary password. Click here or on 'forgot password' in the login screen. We send this temporary password by SMS to the telephone number you entered when you activated your portal.If you have not yet activated your personal pension page, do so first via the link in the activation mail that you received from us (via Can't find this email? Look here for help.

I already had an account before May 23, 2018. Why should I reactivate my page?

During the development and introduction of the new personal pension page, we opted not to convert your old login details, but to let you choose your login data yourself. Therefore you van now choose your own username (which is your personal e-mail address) and your own password.

I can’t continue after entering my CSN (BSN) number and date of birth. How is that possible?

Are you sure you are using the correct data? A typing error can be made quickly. It's also possible that you accidentally used a wrong number, such as your IBAN or driver's license number. Your CSN (BSN) number consists of 9 digits.If you're sure you entered the correct details, please contact our customer service by telephone. It is possible that your CSN (BSN) or date of birth in our administration isn't correct so that the activation does not work. Please keep this information at hand when you call us.

I have lost my activation mail or did not receive it, now what?

That can happen, of course. Have you already viewed your spam box? It is possible that e-mails from BeFrank may end up there inadvertently. You received your personal activation mail from If you have lost it or if can't find it, let us know. Send an e-mail to Please don't forget to mention your 8-digit account number.

What are management fees?

These are fees for managing the investments and providing correct information on those investments. We set off these management fees against the value of your investments on a monthly basis. You can find the amount of the management fees in the brochure that came with the introductory letter.

What is a stabilisation fund?

As the retirement age approaches, investments are increasingly made in pension stabilisation funds. These pension stabilisation funds are structured in such a way that they operate inversely to interest rates. When interest rates fall, they increase in value, and when interest rates rise, they fall in value. Bear in mind that the amount of pension you can purchase depends not only on the amount of the value accrued, but also on the interest rates at the time when you purchase pension. If interest rates are low, you will be able to purchase less pension, which is of course a risk.Naturally, this is a risk, and therefore, as the retirement age approaches, we increasingly invest in pension stabilisation funds, and thereby reduce the influence of the market interest rate on the amount of the pension benefits.

Can I decide myself how my pension capital is invested?

That will depend on the choices that your employer has made within the pension scheme. As standard, we invest for you in the neutral lifecycle. This is a mix of equities, real estate and bonds. As your retirement date approaches, we gradually phase down the risk.Depending on the scope for discretionary investments that you have been given by your employer, you have the option of taking more or less risks with your pension capital, or to invest it yourself. Check your pension regulations for the exact agreements that have been formulated.

When am I eligible for a net pension?

You will be eligible for a net pension if your gross annual income is higher than the amount set annually. For 2018, this amount has been set at € 105,075. If you are eligible, and your employer offers you a voluntary net pension, we will send you a proposal for this.

Why does my expected pension on differ from the expected pension at BeFrank?

It is correct that these amounts differ. BeFrank gives you an indication based on the assumption that you will continue to work for your current employer until you reach retirement age. You will in that case accrue a constant pension on the basis of your present salary. is based on the current value you have accrued. It is based on the assumption that you will purchase a pension with the current value, without further accrual.

What is the status of my value transfer from BeFrank to my new administrator?

You can request the status of your value transfer from your old pension administrator.

Can I arrange for all my accrued pensions to be transferred?

If you entered the employment of your current employer after 1 January 2015, you can always request a value transfer. If you entered the employment of your current employer before that date, you can apply for a value transfer but the old administrator is not obliged to cooperate if the request was submitted after more than 6 months. We will inform you if your old administrator chooses not to cooperate. BeFrank will always cooperate on a value transfer.

How can I apply for a value transfer?

On your personal pension page, go to ‘Notification of changes’ – ‘Transferring my pension accrued elsewhere’. You can apply for the value transfer here. After receipt of the value statement from your old pension administrator, you will receive a proposal for the value transfer from us. You can then decide whether not you want to use the value transfer.Transferring a pension is not always advisable. You should consult a pension adviser to decide what is the most advantageous option in your situation.

Why must I inform you of my personal e-mail address?

At BeFrank, we always send important information about your pension to your e-mail address. Therefore, you need to change your e-mail address on your personal pension page to your personal e-mail address. This will ensure that you continue to be updated on the amount of your pension at BeFrank, even after termination of your employment.

How can I end the additional savings?

On the home page under ‘Planner and extra pension’, you can state that you wish to discontinue the additional savings. Your employer will be informed of this and will then no longer withhold the additional pension contribution from your salary.

Can I continue my pension at BeFrank on an individual basis after my employment at my employer has ended?

No. Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to accrue pension at BeFrank on an individual basis. After the employment contract with your employer is terminated, the pension accrual at BeFrank will also cease. It is not possible to pay pension contributions on an individual basis in that case. Until you retire, BeFrank will continue to manage the investments that you had until your date of termination.

Am I entitled to a waiver of contributions in the event of occupational disability after termination of my employment?

No. The waiver of contributions in the event of occupational disability is insured until the employee’s employment ceases (risk basis) and lapses upon dismissal.

Am I entitled to an insured occupational disability pension after termination of my employment?

No. The occupational disability pension is insured until the employee’s employment ceases (risk basis) and lapses upon dismissal.

I want to continue working after my retirement date, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. You can defer payment of your pension to up to 5 years after the State Pension Age. If you want to continue working (part-time) after your retirement age, no pension contribution will be paid in any longer. If you want to partly defer your pension, make sure that your employment contract with your employer will continue in that case. Use the changes form on your personal pension page for this. This form must be received by us no later than 3 months before you reach the age of 67 years.

I want to stop working earlier, is that possible?

Yes, of course. Let us know at least 3 months before the targeted retirement date that you wish to retire. We will then ensure that you receive all required information about your retirement in good time. You can do so by sending an e-mail to

What will happen if I die but I am no longer an active member at BeFrank?

If you no longer actively participate in the scheme at BeFrank, the insurances at BeFrank will end. If you still have any value in your pension account, your surviving dependents have the option of using that value to purchase a partner’s and/or orphan’s pension from an insurer at their discretion. As no risk insurance applies to this any longer, the pension they can purchase will be slightly lower than the pension they could have purchased if you had still been insured/employed.

What does the term “partner” mean?

Your partner for this pension scheme is: - a person to whom you are married; - a person with whom you have a registered partnership; or - a person with whom you have a notarial cohabitation contract.If you are not married and you do not have a registered partnership or notarial cohabitation contract, but you do have a non-registered partnership with your partner, and you have shared a household with your partner for more than six months, he or she will be your partner for the pension scheme. An extract from the Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen – BRP) will be required to demonstrate that you have been living together for more than six months. If a person with whom you are living together is your sister, brother or a relation by blood or affinity in the direct line, that person will not be your partner for the pension scheme. You can only have one partner at any time for the pension scheme.

I see a blank screen after logging in to my personal pension page/my value is 0, how is that possible?

This problem may occur if you use an outdated web browser. The following browsers have the best support, if you use the latest version: - Google Chrome - Internet Explorer - Firefox - Safari Problems can also be entailed by an illogical combination of operating system and browser. We advise you to use Safari for an Apple operating system.You can also try deleting your browser history. That will often help solve the problem. If neither of these options works, send an e-mail with a screenshot to

I want to apply for a mortgage, where can I find the required information?

All information is available in your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO). If this is not (yet) available for you, you can go to your personal pension page. Go to ‘My pension details’ and then to ‘What will happen upon…’ where you will find, under the heading ‘Death’, how much partner’s and orphan’s pension will be paid if you die before your retirement date. An estimate of the pension benefits you can expect when you retire is available under the menu ‘Pension planner’ under ‘How much pension can I purchase’.