What choices will your employer make for you?

You employer will make certain choices about certain aspects of the BeFrank pension scheme. Other choices can be made by you. Below we explain what choices your employer makes.

Payment of pension contributions

Every month, your employer will deposit a sum of money in your pension account.  This sum is invested by BeFrank’s investment experts or you invest it yourself. Your personal pension page shows you exactly how much your employer pays into your account each month.

Insurance for occupational disability or death

Your employer may choose to insure the risk of your occupational disability or death. Death risk insurance provides a benefit for your survivors. Occupational disability insurance ensures that your pension contributions continue and that you are paid a (supplementary) benefit if you are unfit for work. The insurance premiums are usually paid for by your employer. Do you want to know what insurance cover you have? It can all be found on your personal page.