Why has your employer chosen BeFrank?

If your employer has chosen BeFrank as its pension provider, the benefits for you are:

Online access to your pension 24/7

You have your own personal pension page with BeFrank, where you can find all information on your BeFrank pension. The same information is also available in the ‘Mijn Pensioen’ BeFrank app. You always know where you stand with your BeFrank pension. The Pension Planner also allows you to see how much you can expect from your pension, and see how this changes if, for instance, you take early retirement.

Modern systems

All our processes are fully digital. This means that all the data you see on your investments and fees are always up to date.

You are in control

Your pension contributions are invested. Investments always include an element of risk. For that reason, we believe that you should always be able to influence how your contributions are invested. You can choose between a number of risk profiles and decide yourself how much or how little risk you are willing to accept. If your employer has chosen this option, you can also opt to invest the contributions via Do It Yourself Investment.

Besides the investment risk, you can also choose from 3 investment styles:
– Active: a fund manager takes advantage of market developments through active management and strives to achieve a higher return.
– Passive: we invest through funds of various fund houses that track the value development of a market.
– Sustainable: invests in funds with a particular focus on sustainability, and combine good financial results with a positive effect on the environment and society.

We provide clarity on everything

We believe it important that everyone understands their pension. After all, this is your retirement income. We do our best to explain things as clearly as possible, and to arrange things as simply as possible. You can always let us know if something is not clear for you. We also welcome your suggestions for improvements. Let us know at klantenservice@befrank.nl.

100% of your contributions go towards your pension

Your pension contributions are intended for your pension. This is why at BeFrank we invest them in full. We make separate arrangements with your employer to cover the fees for our administration. If any costs are incurred for investment transactions, these will be charged separately so you always know where you stand.