Do It Yourself investment with own allocation

At BeFrank, you can choose to invest your pension capital yourself. With each premium deposit, you choose in which funds from our list you want to invest your premium. We now offer a new option for Do It Yourself investment, in which you decide once what percentage of your contribution you want to invest in particular funds. We call this: Do It Yourself investment with own allocation.

Do It Yourself investment made easier
With this new form of investment, you decide in advance what percentage of the contribution will automatically be invested in each fund. You do not have to notify us of this with every premium payment. That makes this form of Do It Yourself investment a lot easier. And if you want to change the percentage, you can simply let us know in our app or on your personal pension page.

Good to know
Do It Yourself investment where you make your own buy and sell orders every month will continue to be available.

Differences at a glance

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Want to invest your pension capital yourself with BeFrank?
This is possible if your pension scheme allows it and you pass our DIY investment test.