Log in with DigiD soon

The Wet Digitale Overheid (Digital Government Act) will come into effect in mid-2020. That will mean that you will only be able to log in at BeFrank using DigiD with SMS check or a European approved login service (eIDAS). You will then always need to have your phone to hand when logging in. This will ensure that your personal data is even better protected.

The DigiD app is the easiest way to log in securely. You do not need to remember any password, just a PIN that you choose yourself.

Through eIDAS you can also log in using a different European login service if you live in different country in the European Union and do not have a DigiD. This is not yet possible in every EU country.

More information and applying for DigiD
> Read more about DigiD, applying and activating here

More information about logging in with a different European login service (eIDAS)
> Read more about eIDAS here

You can log in with your username and password until that time
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