Log in with DigiD or a European login

Update: 29 June 2020
De Wet Digitale Overheid (Digital Government Act/WDO) will come into effect in mid-2020. In the near future, this law will oblige us to use recognized log-in resources for our electronic services. This means that from now on you can only log in to BeFrank via DigiD with SMS control or a European recognized login tool (eIDAS). You then always need your phone when logging in. This way your personal data is even better protected. All participants who have access to a personal pension page at BeFrank will receive a message from us as soon as we have switched to DigiD.

Useful information:

More information and applying for DigiD
> Read more about DigiD, applying and activating here

More information about logging in with a different European login service (eIDAS)
> Read more about eIDAS here

You can log in with your username and password until that time
> Log in to my personal pension page