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Where can I find my CSN (BSN) number?

In the activation procedure of the new pension portal, we ask you for the last 4 digits of your CSN (BSN) number. You can find your CSN (BSN) number in the following documents, for example: - your Dutch passport - your Dutch driver's license - your Dutch identity card - in letters the Dutch tax authorities send you - it can also often be found on the salary slip Can't find it? Ask your HR employee at your (former) employer. CSN stands for Citizen Service Number. In Dutch it's called a "burgerservicenummer", or BSN. The CSN consists of the same 9 digits as the tax and social security number. Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands, or has done so in the past, has a CSN (BSN) number. You can find more information about the CSN (BSN) number the site of the dutch tax authorities.

Have you not yet succeeded in finding your CSN? Please contact us.

How long does the process of transferring accrued pension benefits take?

Unfortunately, the transfer of accrued pension benefits cannot be organised immediately. It can take a few months to a year before the transfer is complete. This is because the new pension administrator is dependent on information that must be provided by your previous pension administrator(s).

Can I also transfer old pensions?

If you began working for your current employer after 1 January 2015, you can always request a transfer of accrued pension benefits. If you began working for your employer before 1 January 2015, you may request a transfer of accrued pension benefits, but your previous employer is not obliged to cooperate if the application is submitted after six months. We will inform you if your previous pension administrator does not cooperate. BeFrank always cooperates with transfer of accrued pension benefits requests.

Why must I supply my personal e-mail address?

BeFrank always sends important information about your pension to your e-mail address. For this reason we ask you to change the e-mail address on your personal pension page to your personal e-mail address. This means we can keep you informed about the value of your BeFrank pension once you leave employment.

Can I commute my pension investments?

No, not in principle. We can only pay out your pension as a lump sum if the amount in question is small. The size of the maximum amount you can commute changes every year. If you qualify for this, you will receive a proposal from us two years after you leave your job. It is important that we have your correct e-mail address.

I am leaving my job. Will I lose my pension?

No, the accrued pension capital remains yours. We will invest this capital until you retire. When you have a new job, you can take the value of your pension with you to your new employer. When you leave your job, you will receive a letter from us explaining all your options in detail.

What will happen when I am about to retire?

Six months before you retire you will receive a letter explaining the options for the payment of your accrued pension capital with BeFrank. We will sell your investments when you retire. You can then purchase pension benefits yourself from a Dutch insurer. You can easily request several quotes yourself on your personal pension page. This option can be found in the menu: ‘My pension details’ – > ‘What can I expect when’ –> ‘Retiring’

Can I also transfer the value of my pension from BeFrank to my new pension administrator?

Yes. If you no longer have an active account with BeFrank, you can request a transfer of accrued pension benefits with your new pension administrator.

Can I transfer my pension from my previous employer to BeFrank?

Yes, this is possible and is referred to as a transfer of accrued pension benefits. On the home page of your personal pension page you will find the button ‘Transfer of accrued pension benefits’ under ‘Report changes’. Here you can request the transfer of accrued pension benefits. We will send you an offer once we have received a statement of the value of your pension from your old pension administrator. Once you have read this message, you can decide whether you wish to proceed with the transfer of accrued pension benefits. Transferring your pension is not always wise. We recommend that you contact a pension adviser to discuss what the best option is in your situation.

When will my pension appear on

Reporting your details to is linked to the issuing of the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO). BeFrank updates once every quarter. A Uniform Pension Overview is issued to all participants in the BeFrank pension scheme once annually (before 1 October). Once the Uniform Pension Overview has been issued, your details will be visible on Until that time you can follow your pension accrual on your BeFrank personal pension page.

How can I change my details?

You can do so easily on your personal pension page. On your dashboard, under 'direct links' you will find a link ‘Change personal details’. If there are details that you cannot change yourself, please contact your employer, who will report the changes to us.

Will I still have the right to insurance from the pension scheme after termination of my employment?

No. The occupational disability pension, the waiver of contributions during occupational disability and the Anw survivor benefit shortfall pension are risk based and cease if your employment is terminated.

I would like to apply for a mortgage. Where can I find the relevant information?

You can find this information in your Uniform Pension Overview (UPO), if this is available. If it is not yet available, you can find all the details on which your pension accrual is based once you have logged in under ‘My pension details’ and then ‘General details’. In the menu ‘Pension details’ and then ‘What can I expect when’ you can find the value of the partner’s and orphan’s pension that will be paid out if you pass away before reaching the retirement age. In the ‘Pension planner’ you can find the value of the pension benefits that you can expect when you retire.

Can I continue my pension with BeFrank on an individual basis once I have left my job?

No. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to accrue a pension with BeFrank on an individual basis. Once your employment contract with your employer is terminated, your pension accrual with BeFrank will also cease. It is not possible to continue paying pension contributions on an individual basis. BeFrank will continue to manage the investments that have been accrued up to the moment that you leave employment in the same way.


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