Lifecycle returns

At BeFrank, we invest your pension contributions according to the lifecycle method. This means that we take account of your age. We focus on return when this is possible, and on certainty when you are approaching retirement age. In this way we gradually increase the level of certainty regarding the ultimate amount of your pension.

Investment options
Investing in the Neutral Lifecycle is the standard option at BeFrank. Depending on the investment options available in your pension scheme, you may have chosen a (Very) Defensive or (Very)Offensive Lifecycle, or you may have decided to select your own investments. Log in to your personal pension page to see which Lifecycle you are investing in. You can find this under ‘My pension investments’ – ‘How am I investing?’.

Current investment returns
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First quarter of 2021:
Returns BeFrank Lifecycles through Q1 2021

Investment returns in previous years

Here is an overview of the investment returns of the year 2020:
Returns 2020
You can view the other quarters here:
Returns through Q3 2020
Returns through Q2 2020 
Returns through Q1 2020

You can view the overview of the investment returns over 2019 here.
Here you will find the returns of the third quarter, the returns of the first half year of 2019 you will find here.

You can view the returns for each lifecycle of 2018 here.

You can view the returns for each Lifecycle of 2017  here.

Here is an overview of the investment returns of 2017 per underlying fund.
Here you will find an overview of the investment returns for the three Lifecycles from the start of BeFrank (2012) until the end of 2017.

Here you will find the overview of the returns of 2016.

An overview of the returns for 2015* is available here: Returns Passive Lifecycles

If you see a number of NN Mix Funds, this means that your employer has opted for actively managed funds. An overview of the returns for 2015 is available here: Returns Active Lifecycles

* The reason why you can only see funds from Think and Pension Stabilisation Funds in the overview for 2015 is that the funds from BlackRock and other providers were only added in 2016.