Improvement of the BeFrank lifecycle

To invest the premium of your employees pension in a good way, BeFrank works with lifecycles. This involves a diversified investment in various investment categories and in various funds. For a good pension it is important that the lifecycle has an optimal mix of investments.As a result of periodical research to optimize our investment policy, we are carrying out some optimizations in our lifecycles. Below we will explain this.

What will change?
The content of the lifecycles changes at the following important categories:

Real estate
In the category Real estate we are switching from the Delta Lloyd Global Property Index Fund to one that is more sustainable, the Developed Real Estate ESF Index Fund. This new fund is also fiscally more favorable.

Bonds Emerging Markets
In the category Emerging Markets Debt (bonds in emerging markets) we are switching from the Spdr Barclays Em Mrkt Local Bond to the Northern Trust EMD Fund, a comparable fund at a lower price.

New category
We added the investment category High Yield (bonds with higher risk and return), for which we have found a suitable fund with a sustainable Robeco character, the Robeco Global High Yield Fund. This improves the spread in the lifecycle.

Global Emerging Markets Equity Stocks
In these categories, we switch to other variants of the same funds that are fiscally more favorable.







Investment categories weighting
Partly due to the addition of High Yield as a new investment category, the weighting across the categories changes. In particular Real estate gets a somewhat smaller weighting.








Fund costs
The lifecycles invest in Mix Funds and Pension Stabilization Funds. Due to the various changes, the costs of the Mix Funds decrease from 0.30% to 0.26%.

Entry and exit fees
These are costs charged by fund managers to pay for the trade costs incurred by boarding or disembarking. These fees of the supplier of the Mix Funds and the Pension Stabilization Funds are as follows as of 1 January:

Entry Exit
Mix fund defensive 0,10% 0,10%
Mix fund neutral 0,15% 0,10%
Mix fund ambitious 0,15% 0,10%
Pension stabilization funds 0,05% 0,00%


Do you have any questions?
Feel free to ask them. You can always reach us at or on 020 562 1100.