Lifecycles updated

BeFrank invests your pension contribution in lifecycles. We review our investment offerings annually to see if there is room for improvement. We strive for an optimal risk/return ratio and for increasing sustainability. The lifecycles have therefore been updated. You can read more about it in this article.

What has changed?
As your retirement date approaches, we will invest less and less risky. We call this the winding-down phase. If you have a neutral investment profile we start reducing the investment risk 12 years before your retirement date. If you invest (very) defensively, that will happen earlier. And if you invest (very) offensively, it will be later. In the winding-down phase we now make more use of  corporate bonds and mortgages. We do this because extensive analyses show that this ensures better expected pension results.

Small change in investment fees
As a result of this, fund costs increase very slightly per year (0,001%). However, the improved expected pension results more than outweigh this. On your personal pension page you can see at a glance what fund costs we charge.

Check whether your investment risk still suits you
We understand that some people are unwilling and unable to take the same amount of risk with their pension. That’s why at BeFrank you decide how much risk you are willing to take. Our Profile Selector helps you choose an appropriate investment risk.

Composition lifecycles
Want to know how the lifecycles are composed? And what are the underlying funds? Click here.