What choices do you need to make for your pension?

Your employer has arranged a pension plan for you. The employer decides on what the plan provides in consultation with the works council. However, the pension plan also leaves a number of choices for the employee to make. Furthermore, certain life events can have an impact (sometimes a major impact) on the pension you later receive. Below we explain when you need to take action or makes choices.

How is your pension money invested?

The value of the pension you received will depend on the performance of the investments made with your contributions. How the investments are made is determined to a large extent by you. It is your pension, after all!

‘Do it yourself’ investment or managed investment?

100% of your pension contributions with BeFrank are invested. Our investment experts make their investments based on risk profiles. Each profile has its own investment model. We call these models ‘lifecycles’. The level of risk varies between each model and between each phase within that model. But what is true in all cases: more risk where this is possible and reduced risk once retirement is approaching. Our experts invest in accordance with your individual risk profile. This way, we know that we are investing in a way that suits you.

At BeFrank, you can also choose to invest your pension money yourself. This is only possible if your employer allows this. Furthermore, you will also have to demonstrate that you have an understanding of investment because of the risk involved. At BeFrank, you can choose the DIY investment option if you pass our knowledge test and if your risk profile indicates that you are prepared to accept risk. You can test your risk profile by answering a number of questions on your personal pension page.