Choice of investment type

At BeFrank, you decide how we will invest your pension capital. You can choose from three forms of investment: Passive, Active and Sustainable. Whichever form you choose. Please be rest assured that we will invest your pension capital as fairly as possible. We invest in businesses that act responsibly in terms of man and the environment.

Passive investments
This form of investment is based on funds (index trackers) and is not actively managed. The advantage of this is that fewer specialist are needed to manage the fund. This means lower costs. BeFrank has selected the best and cheapest index funds in the market for you. But they are all characterised by their sustainability. Within this life-cycle, we use investment managers from Northern Trust Asset Management, BlackRock, NN Investment Partners (NNIP) and Robeco.

Active investments
This investment form comprises mix funds whereby the investment is actively managed by a team of specialists in order to realise the best possible returns. The advantage of active management is that, depending on market conditions and the expectation of the specialists, the composition of this fund can be adjusted immediately. The investment policy is based on NNIP’s investment strategies.

Sustainable investments
The sustainable lifecycle contains funds that are selected on the basis of sustainability. In contrast to passive management and active management, the index plays a less significant role. The aim is to realise the best possible investment return in the long term, by exclusively investing in businesses or countries that provide a tangible contribution towards the environment or society. The aim in this is not to sustain and/or defeat the index, however the investments are intended to realise decent returns. The socially responsible life-cycle comprises funds from Triodos Investment Management, part of one of the most sustainable banks in the world. As the investment risk and interest risks are reduced, we use funds from NNIP in this life-cycle too.

Returns if possible and certainty if required
The investment policy for all forms of investment focuses on sustainability and the diversification of risks. Focus on returns if possible and certainty if required.

See the differences
Your personal pension page provides an overview of the differences between the three forms of investment and the effect of your choice on your expected pension benefits. Very convenient!

Nothing is set in stone
Whichever choice you make. It’s good to know that nothing is set in stone. You can change your mind as often as you like.

Prefer a little ‘DIY investing’?
No problem! As long as your employer agrees. You must also demonstrate that you understand the investment process. This does correspond to risks. At BeFrank you may have a go at Do It Yourself investing if you pass our knowledge test. And if your risk profile shows that you are prepared to take the risk. You establish your risk profile by filling out a few questions on your personal pension page.