What do you know about your pension?

Are you already thinking about your pension? It is useful to consider this now and again. To see what your current situation is and perhaps above all to check whether you actually have enough pension for the future.

Who are we?

We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are BeFrank. A modern online pension administrator. We administer pension schemes for various employers in the Netherlands. Therefore your employer may have opted to contract a pension scheme with BeFrank.

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What is a pension?

Pension is the income from the time when you stop working. That is why it is important to start accruing this as early as possible. Here we explain how to do this.

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Always have your pension at your fingertips

We believe that you should always have access to your pension information, whenever and wherever you wish. With our free app, you will always have your pension information at your fingertips. Easy, isn’t? Download it right away.

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How does a pension scheme at BeFrank work?

We aim for maximum transparency in everything we do. That also applies to administering your pension. Read everything about our pension schemes here.

Why did your employer choose BeFrank?

We make pensions as simple as possible again. We are transparent about costs. And above all, you can choose from a number of options, giving you control of your own pension.

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What does your employer arrange for you?

Your employer also chooses a number of options within your pension scheme. For instance, the insurances and the amount of the pension contribution determined by your employer. But most of the choices are up you.

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Which choices do you have as an employee?

With us, you are in control of your own pension. For instance, you can opt to retire earlier or later. But you can also choose whether you want to accept more or less risk in your pension investments. Our pension planner will guide you through these options.

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What if there are changes in your situation?

Some changes in your life will affect your pension. We have highlighted these below.

  • Personal life

    If you get married, divorced, have children or buy a house, this will affect your pension.

    > Divorce, get married, having kids or buying a house
  • New job

    If you change to another job, stop working or start working part-time, that will also affect your pension.

    > New job or start working part-time
  • Occupational disability

    If you are no longer able to work, your pension can commence today.

    > Incapacitated
  • Passing away

    In the event of your death, the pension will commence immediately for your surviving dependents.

    > Death
  • Retirement

    If you stop working, your pension accrual will also stop and your pension benefits will enter into payment.

    > Retire
“What should I do if I have a new job?”

You can find the answer to this and other questions on our page with frequently asked questions.

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Like to know more?

Do you have any questions about your pension scheme or do you want to know more about BeFrank? Please do not hesitate to ask us. We will be pleased to help.