Choose your retirement flavour!

Being conscious of your retirement. At BeFrank, that’s what we love to see. And wow, you’re doing well! We would like to thank you and your colleagues for taking good care of your pension at BeFrank. To celebrate, we plan on visiting you at your office. We’ll be taking the Pension Mocktail Bar with us, so we can toast pension awareness together.

Our flavours!

The Defensive Investor
You also know this mocktail as the Mojito, with its refreshing taste of mint and lime. This is a drink loved by many. Taking a big risk isn’t necessary. That’s why this mocktail is a good fit with the Defensive risk profile. With that profile, you choose less risk. If you would rather take even less risk, the Very Defensive risk profile is the one for you.


The Neutral Investor
Better known as a Gin and Tonic, only alcohol-free. It has a fresh and slightly bitter taste, as you would expect from gin. This drink fits well with the Neutral risk profile. You take neither too much nor too little risk by drinking this drink. That’s a good match.


The Offensive Investor
You may not see a Bitter Aperitif very often, but that doesn’t make this mocktail any less delicious. The somewhat bitter taste does call for a little more risk. Do you like it? With the Offensiverisk profile, you also take a little more risk. But you are willing to take that risk. If you would like to take even a little more risk, the Very Offensive risk profile might also suit you.



Now you’re probably wondering whether your chosen drink is also in line with the investment risk you’re taking for your retirement. You can easily find out. By completing the Profile Selector, you can simply check which risk profile suits your personal situation best. Complete it right away, or together with us when we visit your office. We will immediately answer all your questions at that moment. Will we meet you there?


You can read more about the five different risk profiles here. Here, we also tell you more about investing for your pension.