See what you can do for your retirement


Ever stop and think about your pension?

Is retirement a long way off for you? After all, you’re doing great, aren’t you? You have your affairs in order and you can deal with your pension later. Or perhaps not…


You accrue your pension through your employer. At BeFrank, we invest your pension capital. Because returns on investments are nearly always higher than for savings. And you can invest in various ways. And the beauty of it is that you choose the way that suits you.

Do you recognise yourself in any of the following situations? Then this page should be of interest to you.

> I don’t know that my pension capital is being invested.

> I know that my pension capital is being invested, but I’ve never looked at it.

>I know that my pension capital is being invested and would like to know more about it.

1. You're an investor

Your pension capital is invested, so you’re an investor. At BeFrank, you decide how your pension capital is invested. In order to achieve the best possible returns and simultaneously limit your risk, we invest your pension capital investments in lifecycles. This means that we focus on generating returns when you’re young but move towards greater stability as you get older.
More returns also means more risk. At BeFrank, you choose the risk level with which we invest your pension capital. So you decide whether you want to take more or less risk.
Your employer has chosen a standard investment profile for you and your colleagues. However, you may want to take a chance on more returns or take less risk. Which is why you should make your own choice now. It only takes a few minutes.


2. Do you know how to influence your future?

How nice would it be if later on you could do those things you’ve really been looking forward to doing? All because you’re now making conscious choices for your retirement. Exactly how you want it.
If you complete our Profile Selector, you will immediately see which profile suits you and approximately how much pension income you can expect. Our experts will determine the right strategy to achieve these goals.
Check for yourself which investment risk suits you. It only takes a few minutes.


Don't wait any longer: complete the Profile selector in a few minutes!

With the Profile Selector you can easily check which investment risk suits you. After completing the test, you know which risk suits you and you record your choice. It will only take you a few minutes of your time.
Good to know. You can always change your choice later. You’re not tied to anything. Is anything changing in your life? Then it is good to fill in the Profile Selector again.
So investor, what are you waiting for? Do the test. Then you decide what happens to your pension money. Nice, right?


The five profiles in a row

Very defensive

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Very offensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

We invest for you anyway, but on the basis of the investment risk determined by your employer. And since we’re talking about your pension capital, you may prefer to choose how we invest it. So take the test and check which investment risk suits you.

We understand that, and fortunately that’s what we’re here for. We will help you to choose a profile that suits you. Choosing the right investment risk is really easy. Do the test and check which investment risk suits you.

If you do nothing, we will continue to invest based on the standard choices made by your employer. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the standard for a reason. However, you may want to take a chance on more returns or take less risk. That’s why you should take the quick and easy test and check which investment risk suits you best.

It will only take you a few minutes. Afterwards, you can continue with what you were doing and you’ll have arranged your pension properly. Wonderful!

At BeFrank, we invest your pension capital according to the so-called lifecycle method. This means that we take a member’s age into account by focusing on generating returns when they’re young. For these members, there will be time to recoup any losses when the economy picks up again. As your retirement age approaches, we will ensure that your expected pension income remains as stable as possible. We will then focus less on generating returns. The value of the investments can still go up or down. But the goal will then be to make your ultimate pension benefits as stable as possible.

BeFrank has a sound investment policy. In 2019 and 2021, for example, we achieved returns in excess of 20%. But no day on the stock market is the same. The current developments in the world are causing quite a dip in the financial markets. The first half of 2022, for example, saw negative returns of -12%. At times like this, it’s important to keep a cool head and remember that your pension capital is invested for the long term. When investing, it’s inevitable for there to be periods of sharp price drops. We know that such periods happen sometimes, but obviously we don’t know when. However, historical analysis shows that investing produces better results in the long term than saving, for example. We also see that declining prices are ultimately followed by rising prices.

You can simply check your return in our app or on your personal pension page.