A fair pension

At BeFrank, we believe in a fair pension. That is why we practice sustainable investing to the greatest extent possible. We are transparent about the costs we incur and the returns we achieve. And something very important to us: we invest in businesses that treat people and the environment fairly. Because together we can ensure a sustainable future.

Making an impact with pension capital
Of all PPIs, BeFrank has the largest invested assets under management. By practicing sustainable investing as much as possible, we are making a serious impact. For example, we saved more than 200 million kilograms of CO2 emissions in 2020. That’s comparable to 2 billion kilometres driven; or 47,000 laps around the Earth. And this is only part of the savings.

Understanding your impact
As a participant, you can see the positive impact of your investments on your personal pension page. We show you how many kilometres driven, showers taken and bin bags full of waste you have saved. This is how we show you the savings in real and practical terms. Do you want to make more impact? Then simply let us know on your pension page.

The first CO2-neutral pension scheme in the Netherlands
BeFrank invests pension capital in investment funds with relatively low CO2 emissions. Since 2019, employers have been able to choose to offset the CO2 emissions associated with pension scheme investments. This is done by planting trees on depleted land. BeFrank is unique in this respect. We calculate a customer’s carbon footprint using data from the investment funds. Our partner, Land Life Company, applies a model that determines how many trees need to be planted in a particular area to compensate for the CO2 emissions and plants these trees together with the local population. This too is making an impact with pension capital.